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We provide - a variety of Personal Care and domestic assistance .

We offer a full and exceptional range of useful and personal help personalised to your individual needs.Our services are available short or long term, from a Sort Visit call to 24 hour care.

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Mantra Care are constantly looking for responsible and caring people to provide a variety of Personal Care and domestic assistance .

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Committed to providing a Tailored and individual service

Mantra Care is committed to providing a Tailored and individual service and to ensuring a living and working stability exists between career and client. We understand that in order to deliver the most proficient standards of care we carry responsibility for the welfare of the client and the career.

Our aims are:-

  • To provide a service tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients.
  • To take a holistic approach in order to meet each individual’s physical, social, spiritual, domestic and emotional needs.
  • To provide both client and care worker with a high level of support.
  • To facilitate communication between the client, the care worker and the company.
  • To value and respond to feedback.
  • To train our staff to the highest standards to deliver exceptional care services.
  • To focus our business on the provision of exceptional live-in care which will never be compromised by the company’s growth.
  • Personal care, including assistance getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, washing, shaving etc.

Why Trust Us

Who will care for me?

We understand in any organisation the qualifications, experience, personality and personal background of our care workers can vary significantly.

However comprehensive their previous care experience and employment background, all our care workers undergo a training programme during which we monitor the suitability of trainees for live-in care positions, their employment is subject to a satisfactory outcome of both training and evaluation. Following initial training and placement we operate constant supervisory and monitoring procedures to ensure that both client and care worker are well supported. If we feel we are unable to meet a client’s needs or preferences then we will not offer a care services. An essential element of care is companionship and the compatibility of client and care worker. Their ability to communicate effectively is of paramount importance when placing a care worker in a client’s home. All care workers are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau and mantra care always follow up references. We frequently re-evaluate and update our procedures and working practices, and provide on-going training as well as supporting our staff through NVQ qualifications.

Some frequently asked questions?

  • Is Mantra Care service just for elderly people?

    No we have trained care workers who look after anyone of any ability, over the age of 18. How do I know that I’ll get on with my care worker? Having a stranger in your home can be worrying, however great the need. We do everything we can to ensure that we select the right care worker in any given situation. The care team always visits potential clients in their home in the first instance, to carry out an assessment and devise a care plan. All our care workers are experienced, trained and fully briefed so they understand the level of care needed and what is expected of them. Both care worker and client have on-going contact with us and levels of care and service are constantly monitored and adjusted when necessary. We aim to visit clients at least once a month, and we can be contacted by clients or their relatives at any time.
  • Will my care worker see to my medical needs?

    Our care workers are not trained nurses and do not undertake any invasive treatments such as enemas or injections. However we have a comprehensive skill base and we are usually able to respond to the needs of individuals. Live-in care is ideal for people who are well enough to stay in their own home but who need support to do so. At best the care worker is like a family member or friend and is there to provide companionship, help with personal care such as getting-up, washing and dressing, meal preparation and shopping and to ensure our clients feel safe and secure in their own home. Care workers will also remind clients to take medication if necessary.
  • How long will my care worker stay with me?

    As long as you need them. Care can last from as little as two days to many months and some clients have been with us for several years. We are completely flexible and can step in to give a family career a break or to provide support before or after a hospital visit, or provide long term care when required.
  • What if I have a problem?

    When your care service begins you will be provided with comprehensive documentation that includes full details of who to contact in case of complaint or urgent issue. In addition we make weekly telephone calls and regular visits where we can discuss and resolve any non-urgent issues that arise.
  • What does it cost?

    We operate a banding system, so you pay for the level of care you need rather than a flat rate across the board and, as circumstances change, we reassess the care required and adjust charges accordingly.